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Shop Cakes & Patisserie, Petits Fours & Chocolates

presented in a standard cake box unless stated otherwise


Whole Shop Cakes

Choose from the list below or ask for your favourite:

Lemon Drizzle
Vanilla/Plain Sponge
Lemon & Blueberry
Orange Zesty
Raspberry & Orange
Fresh Strawberry & Yogurt
Simple Mixed Fruit
Mixed Berry Ripple
Chunky Apple
Apple Sauce
Pear & Golden Syrup
Demerara Butterscotch
Coconut & Condensed Milk
Honey & Pecan
Ginger Toffee
Peanut butter & Chocolate
Banana Swirl
Banana & Date or Chocolate Chip
Coffee & Walnut



Choose from the list of sponge below or ask for your favourite:

Glazed Fruit with sherry
Sticky Date & Cashew Nut
Date Syrup & Chocolate Ripple
Sticky Walnut & Orange
Chocolate, Banana & Walnut
Chocolate Fudge (laced with Baileys or Tia Maria optional)
Carrot (with walnuts – this can be made without please ask)
Double Chocolate Fresh Cream Ganache Frosted
Cranberry Compote & Vodka(optional)
*All cakes come with a glace icing/frosting or dusted with icing sugar, cocoa or cinnamon sugar etc. unless stated otherwise.



Fresh Cream layered and Fruit topped Cakes

Choose from the list of sponge below or ask for your favourite:

Plain Victoria with Strawberries
Lemon with Peaches/Orange Segments/Strawberries
Chocolate with Raspberries/Strawberries/Blackberries/Berry Compote





Layers of puff pastry sandwiched with fresh cream & fruit, topped with icing & chocolate or dusted with sugar


*We also offer a 4” round wedding tester cake just choose from the list above or let us know what flavours you would like which range from £10

*Add a message/board from £2.50 for a birthday or any celebration.

For Candles & other accompanying decorations to add to your shop cake above please see the
Cake Toppers Page

*Cakes, Desserts & Patisserie come fresh and ready to serve but may require further dusting with icing sugar or cocoa after being stored or chilled.


Choose from the list of sponge below or ask for your favourite:

Lemon Glaze
Strawberry Glaze
Raspberry Ripple
Cranberry Compote
Blueberry & Lime
Fig & Orange
Passion Fruit & Lemon
Jaffa Chocolate Orange
Peanut Butter Toffee
Bananas & Butterscotch
Orange, Walnut & Chocolate
Coffee (Rainforest Alliance Organic Fresh Coffee Beans)
Ginger Nut Lemon Curd
Banoffee Pie

6” round deep tin                                 £20.00
8” round deep tin                                 £32.00
10” round deep tin                                £57.00
12” round deep tin                                £75.00

Our Famous Triple Chocolate Ganache Fudge Brownie Cheesecake 6” £29.00/8” £45.00/10“ £69.50/12” £95.00

*Cheesecakes have a plain, chocolate digestive biscuit, ginger, chocolate biscuit, or jaffa cake - butter base


Baked Cheesecake in a pastry case

Choose from the list of sponge below or ask for your favourite:

Chocolate & Hazelnut or Orange
Coffee (Rainforest Alliance Organic Fresh Coffee Beans)

9.5”round shallow                              £33.50
11.5” round shallow                           £40.00


 Pavlovas/Eton Mess
Fresh meringue stacked with fresh cream/crème patisserie, seasonal & exotic fruit, Belgium chocolate pieces
& fresh fruit glaze & pure chocolate ganache sauce.

8”                             £45.00
10”                           £67.00
12”                             £85.00
18”                           £135.00


French Style Baked Tarts with a pastry case

Choose from the list of sponge below or ask for your favourite:

Plain Crème Patisserie/Lemon/Orange topped with fresh fruit
Apple Slice
Sultana Custard
8”                                                      £25.00
11.5”                                                    £45.00 


Assorted Baked Tarts with a pastry case

Choose from the list of sponge below or ask for your favourite:

Bakewell (N)
Pear & Frangipane (N)
Apple Pie
Minced Fruits

8”                                 £29.00
9.5”                                 £39.00
11.5”                                 £57.00 


Pure 'Chocolate Wrapped' Cakes
 (choose your cake type from the Shop Cake List Above)



Pure Chocolate Brownie Torte Cake



*For larger & super sized cakes and different shapes for special occasions please ask or see celebration & bespoke cakes.

Gift Ideas & Other Cakes & Patisserie
*For Whole Bread & Butter Orange Twist TM (why not send it as a gift complete with an earthenware dish for something different), Flans, Tortes, Mousse & all other Patisserie, Cakes & Desserts please ask – we make special request cakes & puds from lemon soaked & glazed flans, sticky toffee puddings,
Tart Tatin, giant Swiss rolls to Simnel & Christmas Cakes. 





Boxed Baked Patisserie & Bread for Parties & Events





Petits Fours & Gourmet Chocolates

Petits Fours
Selection Boxes


12         £19.50
24         £34.50
36         £52.50

(Please ask if you prefer Petits fours without nuts)


Gourmet Chocolates & Truffles
The Grace Selection Box 


12         £12.50
24         £22.50
36         £31.50

A Box includes a selection of the following chocolates & truffles:
Brandy Ganache/Rum & Coconut/Sherry Bombers TM/Cocoa Silks TM/Ice Cherry-d TM/Almond Flakes
Marzipan Dates/Dipped Orange/Strawberry Fondant/Lemon Dreams

(Please ask if you do not wish to include chocolates which contain nuts)


To add to your confectionery pleasure the following ranges come in single or mixed boxes:


Single Selection Box of 20         £35.00

Mixed Selection Box of 50    £75.00

Chocolate Florentines
Dipped Marzipan Fingers
Cherry Brandy Zingers
Dark Vermicelli Ganache
Pistachio & Italian Peel Cups


Fresh Cream Fudge 24         £35.00

Mixed Selection Box of 60................ £75.00

Vanilla Fudge
Rocky Fudge
Brownie Fudge
Peanut Butter Fudge
Hazelnut & Chocolate Fudge

For special request bespoke orders and gift boxes
Please enquire.

Gourmet Chocolate Bars (min weight 200gm) 


  Brazil Nut & Sultana
Whole & Flaked Almond
Date & Walnut

Choose from Belgium Milk or Dark Chocolate £7.50

Belgium White Chocolate £8.95

Organic or Diabetic Chocolate £13.95


For special request bespoke orders and gift boxes please enquire.


*Chocolates, Truffles, Fudge & all our Confectionery are made with fresh ingredients, double cream & chocolate,so must be transported out of direct sunlight in a cool environment and stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks
- If you manage to resist them that long!


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