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B e s p o k e C a k e E x a m p l e s                                

Bespoke Cakes for very special occasions

Confectioners & Designers since 1988

Specialist in Celebration & Wedding Cakes by Design for any occasion


Please find a selection of bespoke designs that we have made.

Anything can be designed and created for your special occasion
from Lakeland scenes and giant orchids to merry go rounds and island beach scenes for any occasion from birthday parties, weddings, graduations, celebratory centre pieces, corporate functions and movie premiers.

For any occasion please enquire Sales@refreshce.co.uk and your design will be created for your special day.



New York Cake

12” Square Deep Pure Chocolate Marshmallow Brownie Birthday Cake - a hand painted New York sky line with river reflection designed for a New York themed black and white dress cocktail and canapé teen party - complete with cosmopolitan Mocktails and cocktail shakers.
Bespoke Cake £395



Pumkin Cake

12” Square Deep Vanilla Sponge Cake Base with a Chocolate Fudge Cake Pumpkin Head
set in an Autumnal garden complete with edible twigs & leaves.
The brief: Halloween Party with Garden Theme
Bespoke Cake £355



Feather Cake

Three tiered Round Chocolate Ganache Base Cake with hand painted shoes & bias rose petals, middle tier Carrot Cake with butter cream frosting & delicate chocolate leopard print decoration, top tier pure Chocolate Brownie Cake with amber jewels & feathers
The brief: Bette Midler theme with a love for shoes & leopard print.Bespoke Cake £395


12” Square Deep Full Marzipan & Fondant Iced Traditional Fruit Cake with 3D Fondant Children’s Toy
The brief: To match the client’s child’s favourite soft toy complete with mini dog. 
This was a clients wedding cake (traditionally saved for the first baby’s christening) which we carefully prepared, re-brandied & iced with marzipan & fondant icing.
Bespoke Cake £375



Sweetie Brownie Cake

8” & 4” Two Tiered
Pure Chocolate Wrapped
All Chocolate Brownie Cake
with Dipped Marshmallows, Sweetie Moat & Sparklers
Party Center Piece Cake £255



The Irish Tower
Pan au Chocolate set with fresh chocolate dipped orange pieces & peel,
decorated with chocolate & spun sugar.
The brief: Love for pan au chocolate, Maltesers & a sweet tooth.  
Bespoke Cake £195




Summer Wedding Cake
Three tiered Lemon, Chocolate & Vanilla Cake decorated with top & bottom tier iced with fresh lemon zest rustic frosting, fresh & fondant flowers, middle tier covered with fondant icing decorated with lace pattern to match bride’s vintage dress. 
The brief: Summer, wild flowers, vintage, floaty, elegant & tie in bridesmaids dress fabric.  
Bespoke Cake £585



Lilly Anna Cake
Two tiered Chocolate Fudge Cake filled with chocolate ganache cream covered in chocolate fondant, with delicate vintage lace pattern, mini fondant roses & lillies.  
The brief: Elegant, Lillys, folds of chocolate & unusual.  Bespoke Cake £395



Allotment Cake
24 x 12” Deep Chocolate Cake filled with chocolate butter cream & fresh raspberry jam. 
Top cake decorated with hand crafted all edible potting sheds, poly tunnel, deck chairs & composters.  Lower cake decorated with walkways, seaside scene, water feature & topiary lettering
The brief: Love of gardening/allotments & landscape architecture.  The design incorporated some of the clients real work to add the personal touch.  Bespoke Cake £585



Beach Holiday Cake
12” Deep Rich Sticky Chocolate Ganache Cake decorated with fondant icing bespoke beach scene complete with waves, sand dunes & fencing, hand crafted beach bar, dolphins, buoys, coconuts, box kite, parasail, shells, beach towels, cabaña beach chairs, cappuccino chocolate & rice paper palm trees, sherbet & rice paper destination post, water ride, pebbles & sand.
Figures, beach balls & umbrellas, speed boat, flags, champagne glass/bottle, beach shoes, fish, natural shells, windmills, candles & fountain sparkler
The brief: Beach Holiday & Dolphins Bespoke Cake £345

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