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Birthdays for all ages, Christenings, Baptisms, Bar/Bat mitzvahs, Anniversaries, Graduations, Weddings, Seasonal Events, Corporate and more…………………
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Price below includes a choice of Shape, Flavour, Filling & Icing, with simple Decoration & piping

Standard Cake Shapes:

Square  OR Round         6/8/10/12 inches       £35/55/85/125

14 + inches for grand celebrations/large parties £POR


Plain      Vanilla      Lemon      Chocolate      Simple Fruit

Other Flavours Available:
Cakes can be flavoured with fresh citrus zest/juice, carrot cake, ginger, toffee, butterscotch, cinnamon, fruit compote,
fresh fruit – raspberries, apples, Blueberries, liqueurs etc. just ask about your favourite.
(seasonal price variations may apply for fresh fruit)
*For Traditional dense & brandied Fruit Cakes please see Wedding Cakes

Optional Fillings:

Jam      Lemon Curd      Lemon butter cream       Vanilla butter cream       Chocolate butter cream

Traditional Butter cream & Strawberry Jam


Other Fillings Available:
Cakes can be filled with fresh cream, ganache, fruit and other flavoured butter cream & fresh cream – lavender, rose, citrus zest/juice, ginger, cinnamon, fruit compote, peanut butter, liqueurs etc. (just add from £1 depending on cake size)

Choice of Icing:

Butter Cream/Frosting
Plain, Vanilla, Lemon or Chocolate
(also available in rose, lavender colours etc. to match your theme/colours/wedding flowers etc.)
Smooth, Whipped/Rustic or Piped frosting with/without rosettes on top

White Fondant Icing Top
Rolled White Fondant Icing(Sugar paste) Topped (also available in colours POR)

Choice of Decoration:

Simple piping
Persons/Company name and message in our signature Belgium chocolate or piped icing

Simple decoration
Numbers, letters, flowers, or shapes etc. to match the persons favourite colour,
theme, hobby or interest, candles, or sparklers or edible photographic image

Any additional decoration is charged accordingly by level of volume, difficulty & bespoke requirements

*All prices shown are subject to your specifications


Any additional decoration is charged accordingly by level of volume, difficulty/time & bespoke requirements

*All prices shown are subject to your specifications


* * * * * * * * *


Traditionally Fully Iced & Decorated Celebration Cakes:
(Price includes standard shapes, cake flavour, filling & simple decorative choices as per Standard Cakes above)

Traditionally iced all over with Fondant Icing with piping or Chocolate Ganache:
6/8/10/12 inches £47/73/112/161

Traditional layer of natural Marzipan covered with Fondant Icing & piping or Chocolate Ganache:
6/8/10/12 inches £65/96/145/212


Fondant Icing & Ganache is also available in a variety of colours £POR
(Chocolate Fondant £POR)



(All butter cream fillings are made with vegetable fat containing some butter milk.  Please ask if you would prefer butter for that traditional flavour or vegetable base alternative for dairy-free/vegan options)

All Cakes come beautifully wrapped in our signature spray to create a gift or centerpiece
 (or boxed as required).



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