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A bit about us, our chefing background & who we have catered for……

We have catered for clients and events from small to large including the Northwest UK launch of Facebook, American Idol Premier, the Cardinal Archbishop of Lyon, Lords & Ladies, Green Thinking North West Forum, Paolo Nutini & Goldfrapp again but too mention a few, not forgetting our fabulous and loyal local family of private & corporate clientele who keep coming back, to refresh their taste buds with real food!!! Thank you to everyone who has supported us and still is - we do really enjoy cooking for all of you, it's a bit like running a large house with a very big family, where we are genuinely happy to go the extra mile for all of you.

Refresh your taste buds with real food

R e f r e s h

English & International traditional & A là carte food for breakfast, lunch & dinner (specialists in dietary needs) & all your healthy or decadent snacks in between with a fabulous Patisserie counter now with an ice cream parlour & deli meat counter.  Enjoy our fresh RFA Coffee & Tea Cake Shop, cooks treats & cheats, from olives & salad bar to fresh pasta dishes, Paninis & warm salads, pick up a picnic or party food or sit in with a glass of wine & steak & egg decker, pitcher of margaritas & tomato & herb garlic bread or a pot of tea from our extensive tea list with our famous cheesecake, flapjacks or brownies to eat in at our petit café or take away from our

D e l i c a t e s s e n   S a n d w i c h   S h o p    S m o o t h i e  &  J u i c e  B a r  

C a t e r i n g

Made to order from scratch, fresh, healthy and scrumptious cold or hot finger, fork, buffet, fine dining, ala carte and menu by design food and entertaining services with a refreshing difference, to compliment any event from breakfast meetings & children’s parties, to weddings, corporate events and more… 

E m p o r i u m

For gifts and confectionery hand made in England and Scotland with a difference. Choose from our wide range of beautiful fine natural preserves, confectionery & gourmet chocolates.  Gorgeous Baskets & Hampers filled with fine food, wine and unusual gifts for any occasion.  Designer textile Gifts & vintage fabric designs exclusive to Refresh from Before the Barn Wedding Cakes & Celebration Cakes by Design and much more….         

Our fresh delicatessen foods from the houmous to the smoked meat, catering menus, children’s food, sandwiches,fillings, preserves, confectionery, savoury food, patisserie and specialty celebration cakes by design are prepared and crafted from scratch on the premises in the three kitchens above our emporium shop in Didsbury Village using the best quality fresh natural ingredients.

A bit about what you can do at Refresh

Short of time and you don’t fancy queuing over the busy lunch period?

Please feel free to telephone your Breakfast, Lunch or Evening Dinner order for collection or delivery

Pre-order afternoon tea with freshly baked scones or early bird special offers to collect on your way home from work or eat in inclusive of a glass of wine or cider.

If you’re looking for a chat and a laugh where everybody knows your name just pop in and join us.

Prams and babies most welcome, please ask if you require a baby chair or food heating up, we even do a lovely mini baby warm milk latte for children with continental likes as well as children’s meal deals.

  We are also dog walker friendly Wellies, Dogs & all  – you can get a coffee or a picnic lunch on your way to the park or sit at one of the alfresco dining tables and enjoy a bite to eat with your dog at your feet and we even have a dog bowl for water – please just ask if your dog needs a drink too.

Ethics & Green thinking

Assisting a sustainable environment by sensitive thinking and practical methods is at the forefront of our business ethos and is a big part of who we are in everyday life; from growing up not quite in a ‘good life’ household but with a passionate and creative make it, and or grow it yourself mentality, to our university days with degrees in geography and environmental science, education and a practical background in product design and horticultural in addition to having extensive careers in the fresh food ala carte independent restaurant industry, where local and quality sourced ingredients were the standard.

 Therefore as many of our ingredients and base products that we use, are natural, fair trade, organic and or locally sourced.  We aim to provide as much local produce to you from the meat sourced from local farms, free from preservatives, roasted and smoked on site used in our fresh sandwiches, to the desserts made with local fruits some even from our own garden tended only by natural growing methods.

We are one of the few catering companies to continue this locally sourced ingredients and reduced carbon footprint practice through to our catering menus, with ingredients such as the fresh purple basil grown in own gardens and fresh fish often rod caught by Craig himself.

We aim to increase our locally sourced ingredients each season to offer all of our clients the best of what’s on offer and welcome local suppliers with products we can buy to support this ever increasingly important circle of ‘independents’ support system.  

80% of our packaging is made from recycled and or biodegradable materials and can be re-cycled again at home for storage containers & organisers, seed containers, children’s paint pots and fire bricks or even returned to the shop for a refund (the latter applies to Before the Barn glass jars & bottles).

Even the flowers on the tables in our delicatessen shop are always British grown and again often from our own or local gardens.

We only supply the ‘new’ fair trade organic Rainforest Alliance Coffee which ensures that the workers not just the producers receive monitored good standards of living and fair trade pay so you can enjoy drinking great coffee the way nature intended, every cup freshly ground straight from the bean, which also tastes superb with a good bite just as it should be with a sultry scent, well rounded rich and dark full body, with a smoky and creamy top.  It also makes fabulous coffee cake for morning tea and gourmet chocolates which are handmade to order and on sale in the shop during the winter months, and seasonally for Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Mothers & Fathers Day.  You can also buy the beans by the jar for a gift with brown sugar bars or an array of products in a gift set or gourmet hamper or simply by the bag and we will grind them for you to take away

We recycle all our own glass, tins, plastic alike & use organic, re-cycled packaging & recyclable items to support a sustainable environment.  If you order on line don’t be surprised if your emporium parcel comes with packaged re-cycled materials.  All of our menus and stationery are printed on recycled paper.  10p refund on standard size/5p for mini Before the Barn glass jars returned for recycling.  

Special Dietary Needs

An equally important part of our business is catering for those with dietary needs from Organic, Gluten/Dairy/Egg-free, Diabetic, Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian & Vegan options catered for in our shop and on offer for all the celebration cakes by design and outside catering menus. No GM foods are used and we do not use artificial additives in any of our products.

   We are also specialists in Dairy-free, Diabetic & Gluten-free Confectionery, including celebration cakes, patisserie and fresh chocolates.  We are continually developing and improving our recipes for those with dietary needs not usually affording the pleasures of confectionery products.  If you would like a chocolate cake made without wheat or eggs or a dairy-free vanilla sponge with all the works including strawberry jam & butter(dairy free) cream just let us know we have some great new recipes which melt in your mouth.  Please ask and we will endeavour to create a special treat just for you.

We also regularly make a full range of egg free, dairy free, gluten free, vegan and diabetic Shop cakes – please ask or simply order your favourites as you need them.







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